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Strain of the Week: Dark Knight




The Dark Knight is most obviously recognized as the second film in a trilogy about DC Comics’ famous dark hero, Batman, featuring Christian Bale. Although the film was released over 10 years ago, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who didn’t know that The Dark Knight is a Batman reference. But the topic of Batman is hot once more, given the recently released trailer for a reboot of the dark hero’s newest film in the series. This time, featuring Robert Pattinson, fans aren’t sure what to think about this new direction. Luckily, if you take a toke of Dark Knight, you’ll calm down and realize two universal truths: 1.) the movie will probably still be great, if not plain enjoyable and 2.) Robert Pattison has range, as seen in films such as The Lighthouse and The King (everyone can agree that we’ll just forget that the Twilight saga exists).

Dark Knight’s appearance is the first thing you’ll notice. Unlike Batman, CULTURE reviewers described this strain sample as “cheery.” It contains a bright and vibrant hue of green across its surface, with red hairs curling in and out of its unique cookie-cutter shape. Give it a whiff though, and you’ll begin to understand the choice of name. It contains a strong pine scent, as if you walked through the darkest corners of a forest without another human in sight.

Dark Knight is a hybrid (slightly leaning toward the indica side of things) with genetics that likely stem from strains like Granddaddy Purps and Purple Kush. With two indica-dominant parents like that, there’s no question of Dark Knight’s potency. It produces a full-flavor smoke that is both savory and appealing (although it is also known to produce a pretty mean cottonmouth feeling). Producing a tranquil energetic meditative state that for some will be focused and others more dream-like, consumers should expect a body stimulation that is both relaxing and gently inspiring. Ultimately, this strain could be the perfect way to channel your inner love for Batman content (or to help calm you if you’re still really that upset about Pattison).

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