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Strain of the Week: Blissful Wizard




The whole theme of modern Halloween is to become who you want to be, or to pretend to be someone else. For many, the spooky elements of Halloween lead to costume ideas inspired by traditional monsters or trending fictional characters. But for some (especially those who like to cosplay), it’s an opportunity to be who they want to be. In this case, who doesn’t want to be a wizard?! Channel your inner Gandalf, Merlin or Dumbledore and spread some bliss with Blissful Wizard.

If you seek a state of bliss, this is the strain for you. This potent hybrid offers happy in a handbasket, and it will lead you down your own personal adventure of whimsy and relaxation. As an alleged relative of Girl Scout Cookies, Blissful Wizard has a flavor profile like no other. Scents of lemongrass and tropical coconut instantly come forth upon consumption (with reviewers saying that it brought up strong feelings of hunger.

From the looks of it, this strain contains pure magic! Or rather, the presence of its sparkling trichomes appear to be magical. With bright orange hairs jutting out every which way, it’s easy to see how consumers might get excited for this one. It was actually a winning strain at the High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup back in 2015 so realistically speaking, it’s an award-winning strain that is just waiting to be consumed.

If this were an alchemical concoction, it would likely be one similar to that of a “happy potion” because Blissful Wizard will lift you up, but keeps your body on the ground. It’s best consumed when lying down actually—settle into your favorite chair, couch or bed for this baby. While consuming alone is fine, this particular strain is best shared with friends (what’s not to love about a “wizard” themed party). With the aid of this interesting strain, you’ll have the Halloween party of a lifetime.