Shatter Crème Brûlée

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Considering there are only a few weeks left before the hot summer sun has us lounging poolside, a choice must be made. Either skip the sugar, workout and be a healthy human being—or get excited about new ways to create cannabis-infused desserts. The latter is far more fun, and few can resist the delectable sweetness of a well-made crème brûlée. Whether you’re making this for yourself or a loved one, this weekend is the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

Serves 6


3 cups heavy cream

6 large egg yolks

1/3 cup granulated sugar

Pinch of salt

1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 tablespoons turbinado sugar (sugar in the raw)

3 grams of THC or CBD crystalline isolate*


Put a rack in the middle of the oven and preheat oven to 325°. Pour heavy cream into a 2-quart heavy sauce pan. Heat cream over medium heat until hot but not boiling; and remove from heat. Whisk together egg yolks, granulated sugar and salt in a medium bowl until well combined. Add hot cream in a slow stream, whisking constantly until all combined, creating the custard. Pour custard through a fine mesh sieve into a bowl and whisk in vanilla extract. Ladle custard into ramekins. Arrange ramekins in a roasting pan and add enough boiling water to the pan to reach halfway up sides of ramekins. Bake until custards are just set, about 30 minutes. With thongs, transfer custards to a rack to cool, then refrigerate uncovered for at least 4 hours.

Before serving, pat the tops dry with a paper towel. Sprinkle turbinado sugar evenly over custards. Mix the chosen crystalline isolate and with a little bit more of the granulated sugar and sprinkle atop the custard. Move a blowtorch flame evenly back-and-forth over the tops of the sugar and crystalline covered custards until it caramelizes. Let stand until sugar and crystals are hardened to a shatter stage, about 5 minutes.

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