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Reflect and React




Before we kick off with the biggest celebration of cannabis culture and 420 parties, let’s use the month of March to refocus on the progress of our community. Now more than ever, it’s important to take matters into your own hands to ensure the cannabis community continues to move in the right direction.

Many products and services often transition from underground and into mainstream, and the transition into legalization for the cannabis industry has not been one that has gone unpunished. In the past decade, we’ve increasingly seen generations of cultivators pushed from the legal industry. We’ve witnessed mom-and-pop shops and brands running into roadblocks in light of increasing competition, and the threat of federal interference is constantly spreading fear.

Rest assured, the reason that cannabis has come so far is because of people who speak out in its defense. Join the countless activists, small businesses and organizations who influence public policy for cannabis reform in their communities. Show up regularly at city council meetings, write letters, gather signatures and educate those around you. Your voice is powerful, and it could make the difference between a family farmer being awarded or not awarded the licenses necessary to operate, or it could help a child with a seizure disorder gain access to medical cannabis oil.

One of the best ways to be heard exists within your wallet. Use your money to support those you would like to see succeed within this competitive industry. Shop small. Don’t hesitate to spend a little more cash on small batch cannabis from a local farm rather than opting for the most economical option.

Join the industry’s response to the rescinded Cole Memo by showing more support for legislation like the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment. As it is set to expire once again later this month, be sure to reach out to your local representatives. Share your positive experience with medical cannabis, show your support for recreational rights, and overall let it be known that you stand on the right side of cannabis reform. Finally, donate to organizations that are doing essential work, and support the candidates who are aligned with your ethics.

We can’t wait to let our hair down and party with everyone next month, but until then, let’s remember that this community is strong when it stands together. There are still so many people in this country and across the world who could benefit from cannabis reform. Let’s not forget to take action to make safe access a reality for all, while not squashing those who have built our industry.



Jamie Solis


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