Raw 1000mg CBD Oil Available wherever: Infused Edibles products are carried.

CBD-based products, patients attest, can improve the quality of life in many ways. Whether or not you’ve already experienced the healing benefits of CBD first-hand, look no further than this tried and true product from Infused Edibles. This Raw CBD Oil contains 1000mg of CBD per bottle and 2.2mg of CBD in every drop. Drop five drops under your tongue at a time, or add some to your favorite drink. Raw CBD Oil, reportedly, has also been used topically for those suffering from psoriasis or melanoma, when creams and other topicals fall short. For those with dietary restrictions, the tincture is gluten-free and 100 percent vegan. The oil is made from pure cold-pressed sativa hempseed oil. The 300ml bottle contained a dark liquid that tasted very herbal, yet nutty. The healing and subtle calming effects crept in slowly. Feel free to medicate with cannabis throughout the day without unwanted psychoactive effects.

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