Purple Punch by Gold Leaf Gardens Available at: Green Token Cannabis in Tacoma.

Gold Leaf Gardens products come in a gorgeous glass jar with a customized emblazed gold-colored label and gold metal lid to match. It’s the kind of reusable jar that you’ll want to use to keep something special. The cannabis flower that reviewers received inside the jar, Purple Punch, is no less beautiful. This flower is dense, with well-formed buds that are absolutely dripping in trichomes. Its signature fruity aroma indeed instantly hits you once you open the jar. Fragrances of sweet grape and berry consume you with overwhelming delight. The CULTURE team used a water pipe to sample this tasty flower, and the flavor matched the scent in sweet fruity intensity. This indica-dominant hybrid tests at 26.4 percent THC, and offers effects that are intensely satisfying. Fast-acting relaxation eases you into a carefree state that is mellow and joyful, energetic and peaceful. Due to this strain’s diverse mix of effects, this flower is truly perfect for any occasion.

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