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Punch Edibles Mint Dark Chocolate Bar





Available wherever Punch Edibles products are carried.

Punch Edibles has certainly chosen an appropriate name for their line of exceptional cannabis infused edibles. Their edibles are packed with 225mg THC, made with absolute shatter concentrates that are lab tested for potency and purity. With that level of potency, consuming an entire bar may be a bit much even for experienced cannabis-infused edible aficionados. Moderating your intake can be difficult as all their candies are scrumptious, but their mint dark chocolate bar is astounding. It will satisfy the most ardent chocaholics with its robust, bordering on intoxicating, chocolate flavor. The bar is scored into nine bite-size portions with each portion containing 25mg so it is easy to consume just the right amount for the desired effect. Calorie conscious consumers take note—with only 13 calories per portion, Punch Edibles provide a powerful dose without having to consume an entire calorie-laden candy.

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