PNW Pride BARZ! speaks poetically to Washington’s cannabis culture through his music

There are few MCs out there who embody Pacific Northwest cannabis culture more perfectly than BARZ! With an Instagram feed that celebrates shatterday religiously, to his affiliation with Green Collar Cannabis, basically everything about BARZ! has an underlying theme that is cannabis-related.

When BARZ! isn’t rapping about cannabis, he’s rapping about his hometown pride. The Tacoma native went to Henry Foss High School, and he wanted to make sure we mentioned their 15-game winning streak and championship win. Who doesn’t love a dude with some hometown pride? Overall, BARZ! is an honest example of hometown pride, because as we all know, Washington State and cannabis go hand-in-hand!

BARZ! is releasing his album Washinstonian on April 20, 2017. Tracks like “502”, “My Lighter” and “DANK” tip you off to some serious “stoner” jams worthy of blasting at full volume while you’re puffing on some nugs with your buds. CULTURE had the pleasure of chatting with BARZ! about his influences, and how cannabis has influenced his career, right before his favorite holiday season—420.

Who are your musical influences?

I have too many to name. My influences come from artists like Ice Cube, Busta Rhymes and Eminem. But I also listen to a lot of rock, like System of a Down, Deftones and Offspring. There’s definitely an element of rock influence present in the music that influences me too. This list goes on and on.

Has cannabis influenced your music or career in any way?

For the creative process, I definitely think marijuana helps me, especially sativa strains. I get more creative. I get things done faster. As far as the crowds, I’d say there’s more people smoking weed now, but I would say there is probably a little less crime out here now that marijuana is legal. And I have noticed that people who like to get high like to listen to my music.

What do you love to listen to when you’re consuming cannabis?

I like to listen to Devin the Dude.

Tell us a little bit about any upcoming singles you have?

My latest single is called “Dry”, and it’s currently on YouTube. It has people like Jolie Olie from Custom Grow 420, Chris Crazy and Glenn from ILLFIGHTYOU guest starring in the video.

What are your plans for 420?

I will be performing at the Green Collar Cannabis and Smokey Point Productions 420 private party at Jazzbones in Tacoma.

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