Pink Champagne X Chocolate Hash

Available at The Green Door in San Francisco.

If anyone has ever imagined every color available in an all-in-one strain, this is exactly what it would look like. A cornucopia of beautiful forest greens, deep eggplant-purple hues and burnt orange shades make this strain one of the most eye-appealing flowers in California. Rich aromas emanate off of the crystal-like nugs that remind consumers of that magical first time they smelled cannabis (it produces an almost an eerily nostalgic scent). Lingering chocolate flavors dance with a burst of a slightly sweet tartness. And to round this strain out as a simply perfect one, all of the buds are long, wide and frosty. This is a quintessential strain for getting work done, and consumers will find themselves experiencing motivation with a side of happiness from all the work they have completed. The Green Door in San Francisco is the spot for this one-of-a-kind medicine.


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