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Pete Buttigieg Proposes Plan B Cannabis Legalization Plan




South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete  Buttigieg recently said that if lawmakers fail to legalize recreational cannabis, he’ll board Air Force One himself and confront whichever lawmaker stands in the way.

Buttigieg said that it’s clear that the prohibition of cannabis does more harm than good, and it should be common sense to our nation’s leaders at this point. Marijuana Moment reports on the extent that Buttigieg is willing to go in order to legalize cannabis at the national level.

“I think most Americans in both parties can agree that the war on drugs policy did not work,” Buttigieg said, just ahead of the Iowa Democratic caucus on Feb. 3—the first contest in any presidential election.

“First of all, I’d try to work with members of Congress from across the aisle. It’s always worth a try,” he explained. “I did it all the time as mayor. I’m a Democratic mayor in a Republican state. I love working with Republicans—in good faith.”

If “Plan A” doesn’t work, however, he’d take it a step further. “If that’s not working, then that’s when you go over folks’ head to the people who hired them. Remember, the boss of any senator or member of Congress is their voters,” the candidate said. “If their voters want something to happen and their own member of Congress or Senate is standing in the way, then that’s when I believe it’s time to fire up the big airplane that comes with the Oval Office that this president uses mostly for traveling among golf courses with his name on them.”

Buttigieg explained how he’d utilize Air Force One if necessary. “I have a different use in mind for that aircraft, and it’s to fly it directly into the home district of a member who is standing in the way—not just of me, but of his own voters and have a conversation with the voters about why this needs to happen,” he said.

Meanwhile, Buttigieg admitted to past cannabis use in an interview last October, giving a glimpse of how he’d treat it in the future if he becomes president. “I have [consumed cannabis],” Buttigieg said. “A handful of times a long time ago.”