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cannabis marketProspective recreational cannabis licensees in California now have access to an Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) Application Simulator, which was created by The Green Rush Advisory Group.

There is a good chance that AUMA, also known as Proposition 64, could pass in November, which would legalize the recreational use of cannabis for adults ages 21 and over in California. Huge financial opportunities for cannabis-related businesses will essentially be up for grabs, but not without a ton of regulatory requirements.

Green Rush Advisory Group has made it much easier for anyone who would like to enter into California’s possible recreational cannabis industry with their AUMA Application Simulator, which mimics the AUMA application process and its various regulatory requirements.

The Founder of Green Rush Advisory Group, F. Thurston Pearson, explains who will benefit from this new simulator, “Proposition 64 will likely undergo significant changes before the application window opens,” Pearson explained. “Our application simulator is designed for stakeholders who do not want to wait for every detail to be finalized before they test the pragmatism of their planned marijuana business.”

“Our application Simulator is designed for stakeholders who do not want to wait for every detail to be finalized before they test the pragmatism of their planned marijuana business.”

Potential applicants may not have the time or ability to sort through the requirements necessary to become a cannabis-related business for California’s possible recreational industry. The Green Rush Advisory Group has made it possible for prospective business owners to see if their business plans are in-line with the final requirements outlined in the “Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act.” The simulator will point out any part of a prospective business plan that needs to be fixed in order for them to become licensed under Prop 64.

“We’ve included every stakeholder requirement in the current 62 pages of AUMA regulations to create an application process similar to those used in other states,” Pearson said. “Stress testing the stakeholder requirements and the regulatory compliancy of a planned California marijuana business helps prospective licensees identify and anticipate their application and regulatory burdens, and gives them time to quickly bolster business characteristic which may be critical to the successful licensure of a California recreational marijuana business.”

The simulator not only curates over 600 AUMA regulatory requirements, but it has also incorporated and adds in the best practices from recreational market programs in Oregon and Washington. Overall, its process is the best way for prospective cannabis-related businesses to find out what it takes to become an AUMA licensee.

The Green Rush Advisory Group has specialized in aiding cannabis businesses in California, Oregon and Washington. The group is a cannabis enterprise consulting firm who helps cannabis-related businesses to start their businesses, attain licensing and compliancy in addition to many other sales and legal services.

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