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Oregon Former First Lady to Enter Cannabis Industry




Oregon’s former first lady Cylvia Hayes issued a newsletter Saturday, expressing interest in expanding her consulting business in the cannabis industry. Even after her interests in cannabis contributed to a public scandal in the past, Hayes is not backing down from her plans on entering the growing industry.

Hayes sent out the first installment of her new sustainable cannabis newsletter on June 22. Hayes promised to incorporate “strategies, best practices and resources to help cannabis businesses make money in an environmentally sound and socially beneficial manner.”

The businesswoman was recently caught up in a scandal that involved her fiancée, former Gov. Albert Kitzhaber. Authorities questioned whether her investments were ethically sound for her position. Federal prosecutors linked influence peddling charges, but the charges were ultimately dropped, and both inquiries were closed. Now both Kitzhaber and Hayes are rebuilding their careers after being scarred by the allegations. Part of the scandal involved Hayes’ own interests in cannabis and environmental factors. According to a June 17 Facebook post, Hayes is writing a book about her personal experience about public shaming, and the effects of a baseless scandal.

Hayes’ consulting firm, 3E Strategies, plans to empower cannabis entrepreneurs in developing their business and becoming social enterprises. The company offers services to cannabis cultivators and sellers with an emphasis on energy efficiency, water conservation, carbon emission reduction and marketing. Hayes is also an instructor in “A Course in Miracles,” a study course on spiritual transformation under the renowned motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

The former First Lady has a long experience with the cannabis industry. Hayes admitted that she lived at a planned cannabis grow site in a remote area of Washington about 20 years ago. Unfortunately, the grow site never completely materialized and she wasn’t financially tied to the operation. Hayes is now on her way to rebranding herself as a consultant in the cannabis industry.

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