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Online Gift Guide Series: Gifts for the Cannasseur




If you smoke cannabis, you’re bound to make friends with others who smoke too. Check out this short list of the best items to gift to your friends if they’re really into cannabis.

Stoner Survival Kit Stash Tin

There’s no worse feeling than not having a lighter to smoke with or not having eye drops or gum for afterwards. This stash tin is made from brushed steel and real cherry wood and is big enough to fit a lighter, a few joints and any other trinkets you may need to make this a successful survival kit.



Bong & Weed Leaf Cookie Cutters

The holidays are a time where everyone makes the same three cookie shapes to leave out for Santa as he makes his way through all of the houses. Leave bong and cannabis leaf shaped cookies out for Santa and he’ll definitely take you off of the naughty list.



Frying Pan Glass Hand Pipe

The frying pan glass pipe looks as appetizing as it is gorgeous. Hand crafted from high quality glass, the frying pan pipe is sure to attract attention. As you smoke, the frying pan fills with smoke giving the look of a frying pan cooking breakfast. Enjoy with a cup of coffee and take the day after a balanced breakfast.



Grindome Grinder

As cannabis technology advances at a rapid pace, cannabis accessories are starting to look more and more futuristic. Enter the Grindome Grinder, the only grinder that seems to do everything except smoke the cannabis for you. The grinder has two separate storage containers and can store between six and eight grams of ground cannabis and can also quickly dispense any desired amount of cannabis.



Santa Feo Pipe by Steven Mattern

When you want your pipe to stand out, then sometimes you have to shell out a handful of money to get a quality product. The Santa Feo Pipe is a beautifully crafted wooden pipe that comes as a unique, cog-and-wheel theme. This particular pipe actually has three individual bowls, and is the ultimate novelty pipe that is bound to surprise any cannasseur.



Spliffigami: Roll the 35 Greatest Joints of All Time

Put a new twist on your joints by learning how to roll 35 new and complex joints. Instead of the standard basic joint, read Spliffigami and learn to braid three joints together or even roll joints into the shape of the Jolly Roger (yes, the book teaches you how to make a ship out of joints).



Elevate Luxury Wood Dugout

Handcrafted for both durability and a clean wood finish, the luxury wood dugout comes with a glass one-hitter as well as a storage compartment. The dugout keeps everything together so you won’t have to carry various supplies and it fits in pockets, bags and purses.



Camper Smoker

If the size of some water pipes has kept you away from purchasing one, the camper smoker provides the best alternative. Easily collapsible into a 1.5” pocket sized state, the camper smoker expands into almost a foot tall giving you a water pipe for any occasion. The camper smoker includes a small metal bowl, which can be stored in the collapsed pipe to keep everything in one place.


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