OMG OG by Cali Honey Extracts Available at: So Cal Co-Op in Woodland Hills.

The OMG OG extract CULTURE received was clear as glass. With a soft pull-and-snap texture, we dabbed a small piece. Don’t be fooled by the beguiling subtle peppery, fruity aroma—because the light aroma produces no indication of the strength that will shortly follow when you vape or dab this beast. It tasted sweet, exotic and mysterious, which is how CULTURE imagined that opium smokers experienced in 18th century Europe. And the effect? Oh. My. God. Describing the effects is hard to do—but melting into our chair comes to mind. Several hours later we came back to our senses and put the pieces together. Our strain review notes became increasingly incoherent as we had the privilege of sampling this game-changer.

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