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Olivia Newton-John Wants Medical Cannabis Access for All 




Iconic actress and award-winning singer Olivia Newton-John is one of the cannabis industry’s most beloved advocates. As a three-time survivor of cancer, Newton-John continues to express her support for medical cannabis reform for all. 

On Oct. 6, while speaking to the crowd at the annual Wellness Walk and Research Run in Melbourne, Australia, Newton-John credited medical cannabis as the reason for her currently feeling fantastic, alive and healthy. She continued to share, “I hope to be able to soon offer that to everyone—that’s my dream,” according to Metro

In recent years, Newton-John has not shied away from crediting medical cannabis as an important aspect of her cancer recovery journey. She appeared on the cover of CULTURE in May, giving honest insight into the role cannabis has played in her healing. 

“I had tried cannabis years ago and had a bad experience, so it was a whole new mindset I had to get into in order to realize the plant as an important part of my treatment,” Newton-John told CULTURE in an exclusive interview. “With cannabis I was able to substantially reduce my morphine use over time, by using John’s cannabis formulation.”

Newton-John’s success in embracing all types of natural remedies, not limited to cannabis, is credited to her husband John Easterling, who is an expert in plant science. Easterling gave CULTURE a detailed look into the years of knowledge and care that has gone into Newton-John’s healing. 

“Cannabis initiates a number of healing responses that can result in apoptosis, cancer cell death—while healing and strengthening the body,” Easterling, explained to CULTURE. “Another important part of the larger picture is the starting material and how the plants are cultivated. I first grew cannabis in 1970, and every part of Olivia’s medicine is from plants I grew in my research garden.”

Together, Newton-John and Easterling are delivering a healthy dose of reliable data regarding the efficacy of medical cannabis to people around the globe. As celebrities continue to embrace medical cannabis and share their journey, the stigma around one of nature’s most intriguing plants continues to fade.