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By the Numbers

By The Numbers – March 2018




Bay Area

The estimated number of cannabis-related felony convictions between 1975 and present day, which are being reviewed and possibly expunged or reduced to a misdemeanor in San Francisco:  4,940 (Source: Slate)

The number of applicants who were awarded with cannabis dispensary permits under Oakland’s equity permit program in February: 4 (Source: East Bay Times)

The amount of money, in dollars, that it costs for a tourist to purchase a four-and-a-half hour tour from a cannabis travel startup in the Bay Area: 295 (Source: ABC7 News)

The new percentage of recreational cannabis sales tax that was reduced by the Berkeley City Council on Feb. 13: 5 (Source: San Francisco Gate)


The estimated amount of money, in billions of dollars, that Colorado collected in recreational cannabis sales revenue in 2017: 1.49 (Source: The Times of Northwest Indiana)

The percentage of Colorado cannabis consumers who admitted that they have gone to work under the influence of cannabis at least once a week: 39 (Source: Westword)

The amount of money, in thousands of dollars, that the Arvada Police Department was awarded under the Marijuana Impact Grant: 12.5 (Source: City of Arvada)

The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that was launched in a venture fund for technology-based cannabis companies in Colorado: 50 (Source: Daily Camera)

Los Angeles

The number of temporary licenses that have been issued to retailers to sell recreational cannabis in Los Angeles, as of Feb. 14: 99 (Source: The Seattle Times)

The estimated amount of cannabis, in metric tons, that is consumed in Los Angeles annually: 36.06 (Source: USA Today)

The number of temporary authorizations for cannabis businesses in Los Angeles that have been issued since Jan. 1: 108 (Source: Los Angeles Daily News)

The number of Los Angeles-based illegal cannabis dispensaries, as of mid-February, that have been shut down by local police since Jan. 1: 8 (Source: Los Angeles Daily News)


The percentage of tax that is being proposed on all medical cannabis transfers between a licensed caregiver and their patient in Michigan: 6 (Source: Michigan Department of Treasury)

The combined amount of land, in acres, that makes up 10 lots that were sold in a cannabis industrial park in Windsor Township: 63 (Source: Forbes)

The estimated number of potential cannabis patients who would currently qualify for medical cannabis in Michigan: 850,000 (Source: GreenWave Advisors)

The percentage of voters in Michigan who expressed support of a proposal to legalize recreational cannabis for the 2018 November ballot: 56.6 (Source: Detroit News)

San Diego

The number of people in San Diego County who have had their records of cannabis-related felony or misdemeanor convictions expunged as of Jan. 31: 680 (Source: NBC San Diego)

The estimated number of people in San Diego County who have been charged with cannabis-related misdemeanor and felony offenses that could be eligible for expungement: 4,700 (Source: NBC San Diego)

The estimated amount of money, in millions of dollars, that the city of Chula Vista projects it will collect annually from newly licensed cannabis businesses: 5 (Source: Voice of San Diego)

The amount of Girl Scout Cookie boxes that a single Girl Scout sold outside of Urbn Leaf cannabis dispensary in Bay Park: 312 (Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune)


The average amount of money, in dollars, that it cost to buy one pound of cannabis in Washington in mid-January: 1,004 (Source: U.S Spot Index)

The amount of money, in dollars, that Stevens County collected in cannabis tax revenue in between the 2016-2017 reporting period: 976,647 (Source: The Independent)

The proposed number of years of past misdemeanor cannabis convictions that could be vacated under an initiative introduced in Seattle: 21 (Source: KIRO 7)

The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that one Tacoma cannabis retailer owes in delinquent state taxes: 1.4 (Source: The News Tribune)

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