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New Web Series Celebrates Moms Who Consume Cannabis





from WhoHaHa

Cannabis Moms Club is a new web series on WhoHaha that focuses on modern moms who choose to unwind with cannabis.

While many moms are not afraid to admit that a glass or two of wine helps them relax from a stressful day, cannabis consuming parents are not always quick to admit their use. Many other moms might feel more comfortable pursuing a pharmaceutical medication in fear of being stigmatized for their cannabis use, while moms who consume cannabis might be too fearful of Child Protective Services to be forthright about their decision.

The new web series called Cannabis Moms Club gives mothers who use cannabis a safe place to go for mom humor, especially by women who consume cannabis. Each episode features five moms who smoke cannabis while at an otherwise boring party. So far, the canna-moms have consumed cannabis while at a party for jewelry, nails, brownies, painting and dancing.

The first episode starts out with the women sitting around at a jewelry party, when one mom accidentally busts out a cannabis vape pen. The women decide to pass around the pen, and the Cannabis Moms Club is formed. Each episode in the series is legitimately laugh-out-loud funny, and it’s safe to say that all people, whether they are parents or not, will fall in love with this new series.

Cannabis Moms Club is just another progressive part of the digital platform, WhoHaha, which is dedicated to showcasing funny females and the interesting digital content they create.

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