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Moxie White Walker O.G. Live Resin




Looking for a top of the line and terpene loaded live resin suitable for a variety of ailments? Look no further than the White Walker O.G. Live Resin by Moxie available at C.H.A.I. in Santa Cruz. A surreal and sour flavored strain, the texture of this extract sits perfectly between a saucy concentrate and a granular live resin. Along with the striking golden amber color, this is seriously an eye-catching live resin. Unlike many powerful concentrates, the White Walker O.G. is not particularly sedative, and many consumers are fond of its motivational effects. Moxie is known industry-wide for purity and quality in top-shelf extracts, assuring consumers that they are getting the best of the best with White Walker O.G. Live Resin.

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