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Michigan Cannabis Facility to Open Fall 2019




Great Lakes Natural Remedies, a new medical cannabis growing, processing and dispensing facility located in Spaulding Township in Saginaw County, Michigan is set to open this fall.

According to the Owner Trevor Wisniewski, the $10 million facility will produce and sell topicals, drips, oils, medical cannabis as well as edibles. The company is licensed to hold 37,500 plants in total and will act as the headquarters for the company’s other facilities.

“I’m down in Detroit now because of jobs and most of all my friends left Saginaw because of jobs,” Wisniewski told “I’m like, why can’t we go back there and help the community, and see if there’s anything around that we can do commercially with this new industry in Michigan?”

The local community could reap the benefits that the company will bring. “We’re taking a building that sold at auction five years ago for $45,000 and we’re putting $10 million into it, into the community,” Wisniewski added. “Just think of their tax revenue on their property taxes alone. Just for that property—that $10 million property.”

According to Wisniewski, the facility will have stringent security measures. There will be a number of checkpoints where customers will be asked to prove their identity and anybody entering the facility would need to present a valid government issued cannabis card as well as identification. Licensed patients will be allowed to purchase up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis or cannabis related products in a single day and all products will come in child-proof packing. Nobody will be permitted to consume the products on site. “You buy it, you leave,” said Wisniewski.

The management also plans to make sure that the company is meticulous when it comes to quality control “Anything that comes in, I’m going to make sure is clean, tested,” Sarah Foss, the director of provisioning and sales told “I will be checking the back of packaging to make sure that everything is compliant before I even accept it into the store.” The business is excited about creating a number of job opportunities in the community.