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Maine’s Question 1 is Endorsed by Medical Professionals




Medical ProfessionalsMedical professionals are using their expertise to support the campaign to legalize recreational cannabis in Maine. On Wednesday, health and medical professionals explained why they support Maine’s Question 1 at the Yes on 1 campaign office.

Carey Clark is a registered nurse who appeared in a campaign commercial that supports Maine’s Question 1. Clark is not afraid to use her credibility as a nurse in order to show the importance of regulating cannabis. “All my training, indeed my oath, is to do everything to help patients. But our current marijuana laws need changing,” Clark said. “Right now, patients are afraid to bring up all treatment options for fear of breaking the law, and my hands are tied. Yes on 1 means we can regulate, tax and legalize marijuana for adults to help people with pain avoid opiates and for other traumatic needs. The current system isn’t working. That’s why doctors, nurses and patients support ‘Yes on 1.’”

Clark has also been vocal about how the Governor of Maine has made false statements against recreational cannabis. “The governor’s comments on marijuana legalization were simply absurd,” Clark said. “Regulating and taxing marijuana is working in other states, and it will work here in Maine too.”

Another campaign commercial by “Yes on 1” features Mark Dion, who spent 32 years working in law enforcement. Dion explained how 1,700 citations are issued for cannabis-related charges in Maine, which detracts from the time law enforcement could spend reducing serious, violent and unsolved crimes.

If passed, Question 1 will end the prohibition of cannabis by allowing adults ages 21 and over to possess and grow cannabis. It will also create a regulatory system for cannabis retail stores, cultivation facilities, manufacturers, cannabis testing, transportation and sales, which includes testing, labeling and packaging requirements. Finally, this will impose a 10 percent tax on adult-use cannabis sales.


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