Lumpy’s Lemonade

Available at HTP Group in Vallejo.

It’s 2017—and any Bay Area local ought to know exactly who Lumpy is and why he is such a special person. For longer than anyone can remember, Lumpy (@lumpstatus) has been cranking out the most fruity and juicy strains in California, and Lumpy’s Lemonade is just that. Bursting at the seams with flavor, this lemonade is chock full of the limonene terpene, which emulates the tangy tartness of traditional lemonade flavors. A personal favorite for getting the morning moving, all of Lumpy’s Lemonade flowers are “Clean Green” certified and some of the best for focus and motivation. All of the nuggets sampled were tender, easy to break down and noticeably grown without additives. A truly exemplary strain from truly amazing grower can be found at the HTP Group. Don’t miss it either—Lumpy’s flowers are flying off the shelves.

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