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Holiday Gift Guide

Leef & Co. Gold Multitool




Able to clip onto any key ring, the Leef & Co. gold multitool features a dabber, a poker, a roach clip and a leather lighter holder, keeping all consumers equipped for any occasion. The sleek gold finish also adds to the multitool’s value as a stylish accessory, as a little bit of gold can attract attention. Each multitool is handmade and features an embossed logo on the lighter holder.

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Holiday Gift Guide

CULTURE’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide




As the New Year and the holidays approach, last-minute gift-givers can browse through CULTURE’s Holiday Gift Guide. If you so desire, choose something cannabis-friendly for that special someone.

Fruit Notes: Experience rhapsodies of flavor this holiday season with Coda Signature’s new Fruit Notes.


Mind Your Head™ Magic Minis: Find your groove and beckon the muse with Mind Your Head™ Magic Minis, 10 1/3 gram pre-rolls expertly packed with stimulating whole flower Chemdog.

Paradise Vegan Gummy Drops: These delicious bite-size CBD gummies deliver a healthy, convenient dose of quality CBD.

Marley Natural™Core premium pre-rolls are made exclusively from locally sourced and sustainably-sungrown whole flower.


Mood Bars by Chill™: Introducing Mood Bars by Chill™ chocolate! Each Mood Bar is handmade using the finest quality, strain specific, full spectrum cannabis oil.

STIIIZY’s Liquid Live Resin: Extracted directly from freshly harvested, flash frozen cannabis plants, STIIIZY’s Liquid Live Resin preserves the authentic taste profile and delivers a full spectrum cannabis extract.

Airgraft Clean Vaporizer: Airgraft Clean Vaporizer is a next level pod vaporizer that works with the verified SecurePod, the only vaporizer cartridge with crypto-strength security that prevents counterfeiting.

House of Saka Pink: House of Saka Pink is an infused beverage crafted from grapes picked at the peak of ripeness from select vineyards in California’s iconic Napa Valley.

NUG Vape Carts: Pure Cannabis, Pure Innovation, Pure Convenience—NUG’s vape carts are the perfect union of state-of-the-art cannabis extraction and innovative cartridge technology.

Holiday Punch Camino Gummies: Get all the feels of Christmas morning with Kiva’s limited edition Holiday Punch Camino gummies.

Coda Signature Truffle Collections: Coda’s beautiful truffle collections delight with rich colors and bold flavor combinations. An elegant six piece collection, each truffle contains 10mg THC.

Mint Cookies Live Badder: Chronic Creations is a premium hydrocarbon extraction company.

Good Chemistry Holiday Bundles of Joy: In December, Good Chemistry is rolling out three special holiday bundle packages.

NFuzed Sour Cannabis Gummies: NFuzed sour cannabis gummies are precision dosed with either 10mg THC or 1:1 ratio 5mg THC and 5mg CBD.

Co2lors Preroll: Experience the difference of distillate infused premium flower rolled with natural fruit flavors for a potent experience that’s big on taste.


LOCK’R Box™An all-in-one smoking station, the elegantly crafted RYOT® 11” x 10” Solid Top Locking LOCK’R Box™ with Walnut Rolling Tray and 3 Storage Jars comes with three storage containers and a removable, easy scoop walnut tray.

Kannastor® GR8TR® V2An update on the classic GR8TR® model, the V2 features food-grade anodized aluminum, interchangeable grinder plates, anti-residue and friction rings, and the signature versatile design.

Suddenly Stoned: Give the gift of fun, as players take turns drawing cards from the Suddenly Stoned deck.

Wall Hanging Infrared Room Heater: This Wall Hanging Infrared Room Heater will increase the temperature in the room while adding to the décor.

DAVINCI IQ: DAVINCI IQ’s technology will take consumers to the highest of highs without any choking or coughing as a result.

Harvest Holiday Pre-roll Cards: A clever holiday collab with 420Cardz, these Harvest Holiday Pre-roll Cards will have the cannabis consumers on your holiday shopping list feeling the love. The pre-roll joint is not included.

Spectrum King LED SK402We have a gift for that special someone in your life who has a green thumb.


Toker Poker: Your stocking stuffer search ends here! For only $10 the Toker Poker will certainly bring cheer to that special stoner on your list (even if that is you).

KushyPunch CBD Formula: KushyCBD’s classic peach gummy is made with organic ingredients, natural flavoring and tapioca syrup instead of fructose or corn syrup.

Harvest Holiday Hats, Finger-Less Gloves and Scarves: The Harvest Holiday Hats, Finger-Less Gloves and Scarves are all made from 100 percent acrylic material, which has a soft, lightweight feel.


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Holiday Gift Guide

San Diego Holiday Wish List – Golden State Greens Point Loma




Your holiday wish list of the hottest cannabis goods is here, courtesy of your friends at Golden State Greens Point Loma. Drop by their location in San Diego to pick up these top-shelf edibles, elixirs, sprays, flowers and more.


1:1 CBD/THC SPRAY 340MG: Get a taste of spearmint and a boost of THC and CBD in this unique spray.


Kushy Punch RECOVER: No matter what your day looks like, Kushy Punch RECOVER will help treat both your mind and body throughout the day.


Emu 420 Essentials by Cannariginals: Give the gift of relief with this strong CBD topical, which helps treat a variety of ailments and skin conditions.


W Vapes: Ranked as one of the best personal vaporizers on the market, this pen is simple, discreet and reliable.


Point Loma’s Golden State Greens Lemonaid: This potent little nug is packed with trichomes and terpenes, making it the perfect sativa for consumers who are on the go.


Pre-packaged Flower: Everything you need is in a quality-sealed package, which is filled with only the best cannabis flowers around.


Golden State Greens Point Loma Pre-rolls: With pre-rolls, you’re one step closer to consuming some cannabis after purchasing. These five pre-rolls, will ensure that you’re ready to go.


Legal: Indulge in this CBD-infused cherry juice, which will have you feeling refreshed and invigorated in no time.


Hmbldt: This pen describes itself as “first complete solution in cannabis-based therapy” and is very popular with medical patients looking to medicate.


Kind Water: Your body needs water, so why not get hydrated and also get a daily amount of CBD and terpenes as well?


Tokyo OG: This high-THC strain is for experience consumers only, and it’s ideal for those who need a strong medicine to treat anxiety, pain and stress.


Acme Chews: Use these tasty treats to get rid of everything from relief, inflammation and more!

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Holiday Gift Guide

CULTURE’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide




Ever feel like you’re struggling to find a gift? Need a few recommendations for cool things that your friends and family might love? Well, if they love cannabis as much as we do here at CULTURE, you’re in the right place. Earlier this week we concluded our online gift guide series, which offered a variety of gift ideas from technology, cannabis items for men and women, stocking stuffers for concentrate lovers and more. But now, here’s CULTURE’s comprehensive gift guide—helping you find exactly what you need for the holidays.

Pulsar Go Series Wax/Smoker: Utilize this neat gadget to smoke both your dry herbs as well as waxes.


Cheech & Chong Glass “Labrador Grande” Hand Pipe: Parade your love for cannabis culture with this classic Cheech & Chong inspired pipe—everyone around you will be envious.


Toker Poker®: Born out of necessity, this device is a must-have for all cannabis consumers.


Body Essential by Coda Signature: Use this specially crafted essential oils to obtain pain relief quickly.


Pulsar APX Vape: This baby heats up in 30 seconds and looks really unique compared to other vape pens out there.


BlueKudu Bonbons: Can anyone ever say no to beautifully crafted milk and dark chocolates like these? We didn’t think so.


Hora Super Serum+ CBD: Apply this to your skin in the morning and evening and you’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed!


PUNCH C-90 Blackberry Dark Chocolate: This chocolate bar, which is made from 99.9 percent pure CBD crystalline isolate, is exactly what patients need to help treat their various ailments.


O.penVAPE ISH™: Try out this distillate cartridge for a new experience with flavor-bursting hits.


Pulsar Silicone Knuckle Bubbler: This bubbler fits most hands—just hold it like you would a pair of brass knuckles, and smoke!


The Clear™: With cannabis extract distilled to over 85 percent, The Clear™ is a cartridge that tastes great and is the most natural vaping option out there.


Escape: ‘Flight’: This small vaporizer is perfect for discreet consumption—and that’s something that everyone can get behind.


Cobra Battery and Vape Cartridges: Simple and lightweight, this neat little vape pen is small in size and easy to transport or use discreetly.


Craft Sesh: This particular cartridge oil tests between 75 percent and 95 percent THC—probably the best Christmas gift ever!


The Icey Stick: Take this stick of 100mg of THC and 100mg of CBD and apply anywhere for near-instant pain relief!


Pulsar Flow Dry Herb Vaporizer: Pulsar is a pretty popular vape pen company, and its Dry Herb Vaporizer certainly holds up to its name.


Breaking the Grass Ceiling: Get this book for the person in your life who is inspired by strong, successful women in the cannabis industry.


SNES Classic: Relive the glory days of your childhood, or someone else’s childhood, with Nintendo’s official throwback to the greatest console ever.


Sphero BB-9E™ App-Enabled Droid™: Droid aren’t real, but you can pretend that they are while driving this little roller-droid, which is inspired by the newest film installment.


Cannabis Botanical Illustration Print: Elevate your love for cannabis art with this unique plant drawing.


Leef & Co. Gold Multitool: For a one-in-all gift, look no further than this multitool, which is a dabber, poker, roach clip and leather light holder.


Daily High Club: Subscription boxes can make great, long-lasting gifts. This one offers consumers a steady stream of cannabis accessories that will excite your giftee every month.


Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers: Feel fancy when rolling your next joint with these golden rolling papers.


Coil Pipe: Pipes don’t last forever. If you know someone in need of a new one, this neat, coil-styled pipe is hand crafted and one-of-a-kind.


3-D Printed Dubbler: Face it—you always get excited when you receive a gift that can have multiple uses. This Dubbler is both a dabbing rig and a micro-bubbler—perfect for the consumer who like to dabble in both of these activities.


Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition: Portable dabbing rig, check. Special case, check. Perfect gift for the dabber in your life, double check!

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