KS OG Available at: Exhalence in Sun Valley.

Exhalence, which has been around for over a decade, proudly offers its signature strain, KS OG to its clientele. KS OG, was grown in a highly controlled environment and nurtured with natural, organic nutrients. This pungent variety was light lavender and lime green. When broken up, it left a thick layer of resin on our fingertips, which is always a good sign of high quality strains. Its heavy indica effects set in quickly after the first hit, and the duration was longer than anticipated. KS OG is a rare find—you probably won’t find it at any other dispensary. It produced a heavy effect that was felt mostly in the body, but without total couchlock. The aroma was difficult to pinpoint, but the effects were satisfying and long-lasting. Its pungently sweet taste was fruity with a floral tinge that made reviewers wish we had more to pass around.

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