Kobe Live Resin


Available at South Sacramento Care Center in Sacramento.

A legendary all-star in the California scene, Critical Concentrates Kobe Live Resin can be found at South Sacramento Care Center, where it’s running up the score. This rare, beautiful extract comes from an equally rare strain called “Kobe,” which combines the LA Confidential, bred by DNA Genetics, with the oh so juicy Purple Punch, bred by Supernova Garden. Kobe was bred by Symbiotic Genetics and grown by @budologist420. The strain’s bright, syrupy sweet top aroma and hashy bottom is still there in this fine Live Resin. It looks like a wafer of pristine amber glass, and vapes with intense grape candy hash flavor, and maximal THC effects. The extract is a buzzer beater that makes crowds go wild. Live Resins are solvent extractions of the freshly cut cannabis flower—instead of dried buds. With Kobe Live Resin, we’re all winners.

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