Knife Hits by Diamond Glass

Get the glass pipe that truly “makes the cut.” Diamond Glass redefines what a “knife hit” means with its knife-shaped glass pipe that is guaranteed to impress your friends and scare your enemies. Complete with a convenient carb on the left side, the pipe is 100 percent functional. This whopper of a pipe is about 10.6 inches long including the blade length with a decent-sized bowl at the base of the hilt. The serrated glass blade is transparent and features the Diamond Glass logo and four embossed circle designs. For the handle, the glass is blown in a way that resembles a wood grain, adding to its realism. The handle also features finger depressions for a better grip. This showpiece is great for gifts and special occasions, or to hang over your fireplace mantle to proudly display to your guests.

Price: $79.99


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