Kan+Ade Medible Mixer: Grape 500mg Available at: Herbal Pain Relief Center in Mission Hills.

The Kan+Ade Grape Medible Mixer, at 500mg of active THC, will last you a long time. Considering that 10mg of THC is the ideal dose for many consumers, this mixer will provide up to 50 doses. Don’t make cocktail and edible-making harder than it has to be. This mixer is ready to pour on the spot. The 4.4 ounce bottle looks innocent enough, but don’t leave it around children or cannabis novices, as it is extremely potent. Its delicious grape flavor can be mixed with food or drink to infuse them with cannabinoids. Mix this delicious syrup into drinks for dazzling effects. Kan+Ade Medible Mixers range in potency from 60mg THC to 500mg THC. Medible Mixers also come in Blueberry Pomegranate, Green Apple, Juicy Watermelon and Sweet Peach.

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