Jack Herer by Honey Vape Available wherever: Honey Vape products are carried.

Jack Herer is one of our all-time favorite strains here at CULTURE. So we were pretty excited when we got our hands on the Jack Herer concentrate by Honey Vape, because the flavor and potency of the strain that we love is enhanced in a huge way. Jack Herer turned the cannabis industry upside-down with his crowning achievement novel, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, and the strain that he developed is just as revolutionary, especially in concentrated form. At 80.3 percent THC, 1.12 percent CBD and 1.73 percent CBN, you’re bound to have an intoxicating experience. Jack Herer is rich with the unique terpene Terpineol, which tastes of cloves and pine and is a natural antioxidant. The glass applicator is filled with a half-gram of pure concentrate and makes dabbing easy. The sativa-dominant hybrid is blissfully clear-headed and great for creative endeavors. Its spicy, pine-scented selection is also very fruity, and it will top almost any other sativa-dominant concentrate around.

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