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Impress Your Friends with D.I.Y. Strain-inspired Halloween Costumes




We’ve grown bored of seeing the typical “420 nurse” and “pot head” costumes. Instead of reinventing the same old, tired wheel, CULTURE is doing something different this year. Using items that are easily found in local stores and around the house, these strain-inspired Halloween costume ideas will surely entertain those who are in-the-know of the best cannabis strains.

If you happen to dress up in any of these costumes below, please tag us in your photos!

Blue Dream

Growing up, our fashionista sister told us to never wear blue on blue, but we’re going to break that rule loud and clear with this costume. Dress in blue, head to toe, and throw a sleeping mask on your forehead (make sure said sleeping mask is also blue, and you get extra points if it says “SHHHH! I’m sleeping). Carry around a pillow all day and night, and let people guess what your costume is. Only the true cannasseurs will understand.


If you want to take the super easy, cost-effective route, then dress up as one of two of everyone’s favorite cannabinoids. Simply take an old T-shirt, and using a paint pen, fabric marker or permanent marker, draw out the chemical structure of CBD or THC.

Pineapple Jesus

If you want to be the holiest of strains, Pineapple Jesus, then wrap an old sheet around you like a toga, and if you don’t have long hair, sport a wig with long, Jesus-like hair. From there you have two options on how to incorporate a pineapple into your costume. You can either carry around a pineapple purchased from your local grocer, or you can sport a pineapple hat or pineapple beanie.

Gorilla Glue #4

So this one might not be simple, but the payoff is worth the extra effort. It’s definitely a perfect option for anyone who has an old gorilla suit lying around. Put on that old gorilla suit, and carry around some glue. Boom! You’re welcome. In the same vein, if you have the gorilla suit but want to take it to another level, bring along some grapes, and let everyone know you’re the beloved strain Grape Ape.

Granddaddy Purple

Go to the thrift store and grab some tacky clothing you would imagine a grandfather wearing. We suggest pairing an old dress shirt with some swim trunks and loafers. You can easily buy some gray hair spray to make your hair look aged. From there, throw on some glasses, and paint your face purple using face paint. If you really want to go the extra mile, include a walker in your costume.

Sour Diesel

As one of the most well-known strains, we couldn’t leave out Sour D. This suggestion is less of a costume and more of a prop with light acting—but either way it’s sure to entertain your buddies who love cannabis. Carry around a can of Diesel, and when anyone asks you what your costume is, simply make a “sour face” as if you just sucked on a lemon. It might take them a while to get it, but once they do, it’ll be epic.

Maui Wowie

Much like the suggestion above, this costume requires a little acting. Wear a Hawaiian shirt, and anytime somebody says something to you, react by saying “wow” or “wowie” . . . okay so it might be a stretch, but you’re guaranteed to be the only person at the party with this costume.

Mr. Nice

Costumes don’t get any easier than being one of our favorite cannabis smugglers from the 1970s. Simply dress up like an ordinary man. Then, place a handmade or store-bought nametag on yourself. Write “Mr. Nice” on the nametag, and you have yourself a costume.

Lamb’s Bread

To execute this properly, you really only need to have two elements. The first is you should resemble some type of lamb—you can choose to buy a mask or make one yourself. From there, either make a giant bread body costume or simply carry around a loaf of bread. We’ll leave it up to you.

White Widow

Instead of the black suit normally worn by Black Widow, wear a white suit instead with the red wig. You can go the extra mile and add pictures of cannabis leaves as a reference to the White Widow strain.

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