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Holistic House | Michigan





Certification Clinic Name: Holistic House Michigan

Address: 27411 Gratiot Ave., Roseville, 48066


Phone: (586) 883-3966

Interviewed: Mike “Medical Mike” Taylor

How and when did your certification clinic start up?

I opened up Holistic House about three years ago, after my radio show went off the air. I had to find a way to help people in the cannabis community, so I opened up the Certification Clinic. I’m now able to be on the front lines and actually meeting existing patients and certifying and educating new patients face-to-face. My time on the air was well appreciated, by the many listeners we had, but being able to actually meet the people is more rewarding to me.

What’s the story behind the name of your certification clinic?

Actually the first idea for a name that I came up with for the clinic was Above the Fray. But I didn’t think many people would have understood that, so I had to sit back and really think about what all I was about venture into encompasses. After a short time, “Holistic” came to mind because it’s all encompassing, when you talk about medical marijuana; it’s used to treat so many things. I wanted to have a name that would transcend to people as being a solid foundation. What I’m basically saying is Holistic House is a solid foundation that works with people to help them on a path to holistic alternative medicine, and that’s how we became Holistic House.


What does your certification clinic offer patients that they can’t find anywhere else?

Patients surely come here to get certified, but what Holistic House also does is keep in touch with the patients by having a Social Club. We have over 2,000 members in our Social Club. I create activities, because for the most part, the only reason these patients may get out of the house is to go to work or go to the doctors. I also provide game night on Wednesdays, and once a month, we hold a big activity. We’ve done everything from going to Point, Tigers games, Stoney Creek, Pine Knob, haunted hayrides to dispensary crawls in a super stretch Hummer limo! Holistic House provides activities for people that don’t get out much. When they come out with us they get away from thinking about their illness, and that creates a positive, healthy image.

How has the cannabis industry changed since you have been in business?

When I first started, everybody was scared of being on what is called “The Grid” or “Radar.” Everybody was afraid of being on the state’s list and thought their little grows and their lives were going to be caved in by “The Man” coming through the door like the SS Gustapo. Now there’s so many of us and there’s safety and strength in numbers, so they’re not as afraid. Now they’re more apt to come out, get a card and get on to their way to holistic medicine that is healthier than stuffing pharmaceuticals down their throat. So now instead of being afraid they’re actually taking care of their health in the proper way.

If someone wanted to open a certification clinic to get their feet wet in the industry, what advice or counsel would you give them?

If you wanted to get into my realm of this industry, I would suggest you first ask permission through the city or community that you live in, instead of begging for forgiveness afterwards—because it goes so much smoother when you have the right people on your side from the start.

What other information would you like to add?

We plan on merging into a 9,000 square foot building to create Detroit’s first 420 Private Social Club, where Monday night is movie night, Tuesday night is casino night, Wednesday is karaoke or open mic comedy, Thursday night is DJ night, and Friday and Saturday we will get some big acts coming in, and hopefully I’ll be having my TV show on Sunday night.

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