Green Ribbon Available at: Airfield Supply Co. in San Jose.

A blue ribbon has always been a prestigious award for any extraordinary crop all across America, and now Green Ribbon available at Airfield Supply Co. is here to set the standard of what a “green ribbon” strain is all about. Upon the first glance, consumers will notice the buds are exhibiting a variety of different textures and are an olive green color with hints of apricot shaded hairs. The aromas emanating from the Green Ribbon are quintessentially agricultural—the smell of freshly jostled dirt, the scent of leaves falling, mixed gently with the fragrance of wildflowers. Very earthy and piney flavors are prevalent in this strain, and the nuggets are cured to perfection, manifesting the ideal burn. Consumers will notice the ease in focus and concentration offered by the Green Ribbon, as it is a superb choice for consumption in the morning or daytime, and quite frankly, a number one choice anytime.

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