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Green Friday is Here




Green fridayFriday, November 25th is Black Friday, but for cannabis consumers, it’s Green Friday. Other than 420 there is no better day to get the best deals at your local cannabis collective. Arrive early, because the lines will be long.

Last year, 74.2 million cannabis consumers shopped for cannabis on Black Friday last year, making Green Friday a more appropriate name for the holiday. The allure of some of the year’s best deals should attract an influx of cannabis sales. Green Friday deals are the next step for normalization of the cannabis industry.

According to a press release, scores of cannabis stores across Colorado have teamed up with to offer deals for Green Friday. Leafbuyer plans on running an email blast to 30,000 customers. Several cannabis store chains will join in including Livwell, Lightshade, Native Roots and LaContes’s Clone Bar and Dispensary. LaConte’s, for instance, is offering $75 recreational ounces of Marijuana Flower, which is 25 percent off the lowest normal price.

“Cannabis consumers are just like other Black Friday shoppers,” Andre Leonard, Marketing Manager for Leafbuyer, told Yahoo Sports. “They are seeking exceptional deals, especially after a stressful day of chasing deals throughout malls. This is a way for cannabis retailers to give back to their customers. Just like every retailer, they’re helping consumers out with their holiday shopping by offering very special deals and discounts,” Leonard said.

Leafbuyer is the world’s best source for cannabis coupons and deals. The company is reaching out to its consumer base in Colorado, California and Nevada. Leafbuyer currently boasts a network of over two million cannabis consumers. The company offers over 7,000 active offers.

Leafbuyer also offers a cannabis job board, strain information and updated information on the cannabis industry in Colorado. Green is the new black. “May the odds ever be in your favor” this Black Friday season.

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