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Get a Taste of the Cultivation Lifestyle With Weedcraft Inc.




Over the course of 40 years, there has been a seemingly endless stream of new video game stories, characters, innovative gameplay and the evolution of many genres. All of them seek to create something new and exciting; to fill a niche that has previously never been attempted before, which leads to a new concept taking root. The same goes for Weedcraft Inc., a new cultivation game centered not just around selling cannabis on the black market, but identifying how cannabis businesses grow through a business’s patients and a state/country’s new regulations. Weedcraft Inc. avoids the cliché stereotypes that revolve around the industry, and instead takes players on a realistic journey to become a cannabis cultivator.

Weedcraft Inc. allows players to get an inside look at how a black market operation can turn into a legitimate and successful business venture. In this story, you play as a college student who is forced to drop out of his MBA program to cultivate and sell cannabis. His father, who was paying his tuition, passes away, and he begins growing cannabis with his “intense, combative, free-thinking, anti-establishment, slightly paranoid younger brother.” Although the two brothers couldn’t be more different, it is the separation of passion and business that sets up this duo for success.

Players manage every aspect of the operation. Proper lighting, water, and trimming cannabis plants all come into play with this small, humble business. The soils alone needs to be constantly adjusted to balance out the necessary nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients. Then once the product is ready, it’s time to sell it. You’ll adjust prices to appeal to different clientele and get a better sense of the supply necessary to meet the demands of the area.

At first, selling cannabis is just to make ends meet. However, as demand grows, players soon realize that the customers aren’t strictly buying cannabis for recreational purposes. Many customers of all ages are looking for medicine, and a way to avoid harmful pharmaceuticals as well. Players work toward becoming a licensed producer, which opens up more opportunities and expansion into other legal states.

It’s one of the first games that introduces players to the truths and challenges of the cannabis industry, rather than relying strictly on stereotypes to gain a following. Weedcraft Inc. released today, April 11, with just enough time before 420 to prove if you have what it takes to grow some quality cannabis!

Weedcraft Inc.

Developer: Vile Monarch

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Available on: Steam

Price: $19.99