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Cherry Creek, Denver’s VIVE Float Studio is on a mission to serve both the mind and the body of its clientele for complete wellness.

“We are the first national rest and recovery center that’s dedicated solely to mental and physical wellness,” said Founder and Manager Andi Sigler, who stated that today’s culture doesn’t put enough focus on mental well-being along with physical well-being. She chose the therapies while taking note of how people would benefit from them physically and mentally. “I think they deserve equal recognition and care.”

VIVE Float Studio offers dry salt therapy, vibroacoustic massage therapy, an infrared sauna, cryotherapy and a flotation room to serve the needs of all type of customers from athletes and jet-setting businesspeople to busy parents. Each of the technologies is used to treat both the body and mind, with relaxation, improved circulation and other health benefits. “They give you the opportunity to slow down,” said Sigler.

The float therapy room offers a buoyant respite in 10 inches of water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts, leaving the body weightless. The water is also set at body temperature to provide a sensory-free experience that provides complete relaxation.

Flotation therapy is Sigler’s passion, which she discovered after trips to Israel. “I was in corporate America for many years, and I traveled at a pace that wasn’t conducive for wellness, both mentally and physically,” she said. “I really needed to refocus, so I chose to slow down my life and, over the course of time, took a couple trips to Israel and floated in the Dead Sea,” she said. “I was profoundly impacted by that.”

She discovered an opportunity to create a version of that Dead Sea experience and never looked back. “The land and the water—people come from all over the world to float in that concentration of salt and water. It’s magical,” she explained.

Sigler then opened up VIVE’s first location in Frisco, Colorado, which is a three-room float therapy studio only. “That’s my passion.”

The infrared sauna uses three different infrared wavelengths to purge toxins, promote skin renewal and healing. The vibroacoustic massage uses a table with a water-filled top mattress layer to conduct vibrations through the body, relieving stress and tension. Dry salt therapy infuses Himalayan salt into the air to benefit the respiratory system and help alleviate skin ailments.

“The land and the water—people come from all over the world to float in that concentration of salt and water. It’s magical.”


The cryotherapy chamber is available on a walk-in basis due to its short session duration and is a quick, invigorating session used to increase endorphins, speed healing and lessen inflammation. It’s available for a whole-body therapy or use on a targeted area. It is also used on the face to diminish blemishes and provide migraine relief.

“We have a large majority that will come in and do one to two services, but then we have another demographic that is very specific to a modality,” Sigler explained. For instance, higher-level athletes will come in for cryotherapy, while those who need a break from their busy lifestyle will come in for flotation therapy. A variety of session lengths and packages are available.

VIVE offers introductory pricing to new clients and offers memberships for daily cryo services or a service of choice daily. Services are available separately or purchased in packages at a discount. Each service and its benefits are described in detail on the company’s website.

“I was very specific with the equipment that I purchased,” Sigler said, stating the equipment used in the studios were the most current models used. “It’s state-of-the-art.”

VIVE Float Studio recently partnered up with Floyd’s of Leadville and will carry their whole line of CBD oil products in its retail section. Products include protein powder, soft gel capsules and tinctures in both full spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) oil and CBD isolate.

Sigler said the company’s focus on quality was important to her. “They’re our neighbor . . . there’s a relationship there, I know who I’m buying from,” she said.

VIVE Float Studio has another location in Old Town Chicago, Illinois.