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Five Reasons to Attend the Cannabis Village at Earth Day




Many of those who love the Earth also love cannabis, and vice versa. That’s what makes Cannabis Village at Earth Day 2018 such an awesome part of San Diego, California’s famous Earth Day celebration.

Cannabis Village at Earth Day has been an holiday tradition for some time now, and for good reason. The event always offers amazing guest speakers and cannabis personalities, as well as a lot of great information on the plant itself and how it can make a major difference to the environment. Dion Markgraaff, founder of the special cannabis celebration at Earth Day and a cannabis advocate for the past 27 years, shared five key reasons to stop by Cannabis Village to pay your respects to the beloved plant:

Celebrate Cannabis

Come by Cannabis Village to celebrate cannabis, of course. With informative guest speakers, cannabis art, a fashion show, cannabis products, yoga, a ganja-themed museum, a burning display, information about cannabis environmentalism and more. There are plenty of reasons to stop by and celebrate your favorite plant.

Expand Your Cannabis Consciousness

Whether you are an avid environmentalist who is brand new to cannabis or a raving enthusiast for legalization, there is always more you can learn. Both groups need to realize that cannabis is more than just a plant for fun; it has some serious potential.

I want to have the cannabis community become more environmentally aware and conscious, and I want the environmental people to be more conscious and realize that cannabis is something worth investing in and the solution to the problems that they have identified,” Markgraaff explained.

Discover Careful Cannabis Consumerism

The earth today is under a lot of strain, mainly due to all of the materials that are being carelessly used and then discarded by the people of this planet. Markgraaff realizes this, and wants people to know that the Cannabis Village isn’t only a good fit because earth lovers smoke cannabis. The same plant that brings recreational joy to many can also solve a lot of problems when it comes to the environment.

Basically it’s a solution to the problems we face,” he said. “Everything can be made from cannabis and its a better product; it lasts longer and its impact on the environment is less than conventional petroleum-based products like the plastic, which will last forever and be a problem for thousands of years. Hemp plastic can go right into your yard get composted.”

There will be many earth-friendly displays, like a tiny house made from cannabis that will be set on fire and burned throughout the event, to demonstrate how cannabis-built homes are safe for the planet.

Great Entertainment

There are going to be some incredible guest speakers at the event this year, including civil rights leader Dolores Huerta, who has done wonders for women and people of color, cannabis cultivation expert and CULTURE columnist Ed Rosenthal, author and editor Chris Conrad, ex-NFL star Ricky Williams and hemp farmer and author Doug Fine.

Celebrate Achievement

Most of all, stop by Cannabis Village at Earth Day to celebrate the achievements of the cannabis industry so far.

Come by to celebrate our achievement of legalizing cannabis and transitioning into the mainstream of society in events like this one, one of the largest free events in San Diego and the largest Earth Day event on the planet,” said Markgraaff. “There are so many reasons to support cannabis, like hemp construction. With hemp there is zero waste; it lasts forever and it actually cleans the sky because it sequesters carbon; it’s carbon negative. So basically, I feel there is really no hope or future without cannabis.”

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