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Fire Crotch Cookies by 420 Natural




Exclusively at Green Collar Cannabis in Tacoma.

Fire Crotch is one of those strains whose name seems far more salacious than it actually is. The first thing you notice when looking at this flower, is the bushy red hairs growing in all directions. A-ha, that’s where it gets its name! These large, bright green nugs are dense, crystalline, and of course, very hairy. The red hairs on this are noticeably fuzzy as well, which is pretty unique. The fragrance is musty and powerful, with a strong sweet scent also permeating from the flower. After using a water pipe to sample this cannabis, staff noted this flower was exceptionally smooth, and the flavor was sweet and earthy. This particular flower is a cross between Fire Crotch and Girl Scout Cookies, making its genetics extremely unique. Fire Crotch is a somewhat mysterious strain, with the parentage of which cannot be definitively stated. Girl Scout Cookies’ genetic lineage is known however, it’s a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison. Fire Crotch Cookies is a hybrid, and the effects are true to form. Powerful relaxation coupled with pure unbridled joy are the main characteristics of this flower’s effect.

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