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Letter from the Editor

Feminine and Fearless




We’re more than halfway through spring, and the welcomed signals of this season ring loud and clear. The flowers are in full bloom, the bright sun is finally beginning to provide warmth across the country and pleasant cool breezes hint that warmer weather is on the way.

Many mothers look forward to May because it’s the month when they are celebrated the most. They relish in the Sunday celebration of Mother’s Day, where they’re often spoiled with tasty brunch foods and creative gifts, such as CBD-infused bath bombs and classy cannabis-inspired jewelry. It’s also an extraordinarily special time of year, because we have a special opportunity to give thanks to the women in our lives, both mothers and mother-like figures, who have worked tirelessly to ensure that we’ve felt safe, loved and cared for all these years.

This month is the perfect opportunity to recognize all the wonderful fruits of femininity that are reminiscent of spring. For those of us who appreciate the most beautifully resinous flowers that come from cannabis, you can thank female plants. It’s clear that the themes of May, women and cannabis are all intrinsically connected.

Women are also some of the most passionate cannabis advocates. Whether it’s fighting for their child’s access to safe and effective medicine or fighting for cannabis legislation at the city, state and federal levels, our cannabis community is not short of powerful, vocal and inspirational women. And while the cannabis industry can be proud to have a higher percentage of women in power than other industries by comparison, the fight for female representation is far from over.

Within this month’s issue, CULTURE is honoring women everywhere who are making waves in the industry. We embarked on a special interview with the the cofounders of  Supernova Women, a duo of successful female entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry who have decided to stand up in support of the women and people of color in this industry, and who are fighting to make the cannabis industry more racially inclusive through policy, education and empowerment. We tell the story of 18-year-old Kara, who has been diagnosed with autism, and how her mother and father have fought to allow her the right to consume cannabis and improve her quality of life. Not to mention a few extra recommendations of gifts to buy for your cannabis-loving mom, who definitely deserves some love.

Use this month to appreciate and focus on the countless mothers and women who elevate our industry and our world into a more balanced state. Reach out to the women in your life, and in the industry, who you find to be inspirational. Share their stories. Support their endeavors. Allow the balance of the feminine perspective bring our industry to greater heights than we ever thought imaginable.



Jamie Solis