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Feel the Influence of Jenny Wakeandbake




Jenny Wakeandbake is exactly what the world needs. YouTuber, photographer and Instagram influencer, Wakeandbake provides helpful and informative cannabis reviews, tutorials and more on her YouTube channel. Her photos and videos are professionally executed and are entertaining, and she has a style that’s polished but approachable. CULTURE chatted with Jenny about her hustle, her life and her influence.


How did Jenny Wakeandbake come to be?

I was living in Colorado at the time, and it was the first time in my life that I felt open and free about being a cannabis patient. When I moved back to Massachusetts, the answer was really simple. I became a medical cannabis patient, and I was really one of a kind here. So I wanted to educate and show everybody what I do as a photographer and videographer.


How did you build your following?

I found as many other people like me on social media based platforms as I could, and started engaging with them. Also just engaging with different groups and tribes on Instagram, Happy Tokes and the Happy Tokes tribe has done so much for me, and the cannabis community. So I really just followed in those footsteps of being myself, and sharing myself with the internet. The people followed, the more open and honest I was, the more people could relate.

Has being a cannabis influencer affected your everyday life, if so how?

I wake up every day blessed. I have a house, a roof over my head, food in my refrigerator, my dog has food in his bowl, and I get to spend my days creating cannabis content. I’m no longer in the dark place I was before I found this wonderful opportunity to have a career in cannabis.


What do you hope to accomplish with your work as a cannabis influencer?

Just really help to break the stigma. To show everyday people that may not use cannabis, or may have negative feelings towards cannabis, that just because I smoke weed everyday doesn’t mean that I’m not a professional and not worth hiring. Or that anybody who is like me, and uses cannabis cannot be professional and just as capable as someone else in the conference room. To show that cannabis is not a scary thing, and that it can be so helpful to so many people. It took me years to convince my mom that CBD helps with inflammation and pain, and she now uses CBD cream on her knees and happily walks to work.

Jenny Wakeandbake is constantly posting fresh, original content to her accounts, so give her a follow, or subscribe.

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