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Golden Leaf Holdings announces cannabis media channel, Chalice TV




Golden Leaf Holdings announces cannabis media channel, Chalice TV

While streaming service giants Netflix and Hulu have already rolled out several cannabis-centered series, another company is taking a different approach. Portland-based Golden Leaf Holdings (GLH) announced the arrival of a new online media channel, Chalice TV. CEO of Golden Leaf Holdings Jeff Yapp discussed the new venture with CULTURE.

“Chalice TV was born from our core value of educating and informing the consumer so that they can make the best possible choices for their health and wellness needs,” Yapp explained.

GLH is a company comprised of several cannabis brands that include Chalice Farms, Jackpot, Golden, Elysium Fields, Medical Marijuana Consulting and Medical Marijuana Group. Chalice TV is named after one of its brands, Chalice Farms, which is a producer of “flower, extractions, oils, edibles and full body care with optimal efficacy in both retail and wholesale market,” as stated on its website.

“The Chalice Farms dispensaries were designed to be warm and inviting with customer education first. The product specialists are highly trained to advise new users to connoisseurs on the optimal choices for achieving each individual’s desired effect,” said Yapp.

When asked about the jump from dispensary to content creator, Yapp emphasized the importance of educating consumers. Online media, especially in today’s times, is one of the fastest ways to reach an audience. Both GLH and Chalice Farms value connecting with consumers and creating excitement for the cannabis industry.

“We want the public to really get to know and understand where cannabis comes from, how products are made, what are the biggest issues in the industry, and who are the thought leaders in the space.” He continued, “Story is the only way to change perception. Chalice TV normalizes cannabis as a legitimate industry with truly dedicated business leaders that are the pioneers of this opportunity.”

In the GLH press release Chalice TV is hailed as an online channel, “with content designed to help educate consumers on all aspects of cannabis, from cultivating practices to health benefits and more.” Its material includes interviews with individuals who hold various positions within the cannabis industry such as farmers, politicians and members of the Chalice Farms team. Currently Chalice TV gives viewers four shows to indulge in: Soil To Oil, Women In Weed, Legal [Bud] Tender and Eat My Weeds. Suggested by its titles alone, each series dives into a particular corner of the cannabis industry, providing something for everyone to watch.

Chalice TV includes two hosts, Penn and Kiki, who have both worked to build Chalice Farms. Penn is the company’s product training specialist, while Kiki has been involved with research and development. Right now there are a total of 10 episodes available to view. Yapp himself shared he could not choose a favorite among them as each episode gives a, “unique voice to the dynamic world of cannabis.” The episodes often bring in guests who the company sees are making a difference in the cannabis industry. Creators first looked to their hometown, Portland, to find and showcase those who have sought to generate opportunities in the industry and fight for issues like banking reform.

“As the laws begin to change state by state, country by country, the opportunity to research and understand cannabis is exponential, and we are on the path to open up the dialogue and share the information through human stories and the people that are the agents of change,” Yapp said.

“Our mission is [to] enhance lives and ignite purpose through cannabis. Chalice TV is a channel to do just that.” Chalice TV is available for streaming on Vimeo, YouTube, as well as on the Chalice Farms website.