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Letter from the Editor

Enduring Devotion




Pediatric cancer. Those are two words that no parent or guardian should ever have to hear, especially when referring to the health of their child. The words pale in comparison to the devastating experiences that coincide with undergoing cancer treatment for a child.

Unfortunately, pediatric cancer, among other diseases, is an unfair reality that some children and their families still face. Cancer is a destructive force that affects the lives of both victims and survivors, and when children are the ones who are affected by it, cancer couldn’t be crueler.

Like our readers, at CULTURE, we are not only cannabis consumers, but we are activists, and we are educators. Every day we wake up and live our purpose of bringing cannabis into the mainstream, for medical purposes, as well as for recreational enjoyment. We are mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles; we are proud members of our community, and overall we want more than anything to see health and wellness perpetuated in the lives of every human being on this planet.

We want to dismantle the lies and fear that surround cannabis and replace it with education, research and hope. It’s our mission to create a safe place for all consumers from all walks of life to feel like they can belong within our community, while also being provided with the information and resources they need to make informed decisions about their own wellbeing, as well as that of their loved ones.

That is why when we come across stories like those found in the groundbreaking film Weed the People, we rejoice in finding a clear and accessible way to provide information to the masses about a plant that has helped so many who are undergoing cancer treatment.

Through our exclusive interview with Weed the People Executive Producer Ricki Lake, CULTURE gained insight into the growing impact of this emotional film, which follows the heartbreaking and awe-inspiring journeys of various families who turned to cannabis as treatment for their children’s pediatric cancer. With countless screenings continuing throughout the month of November and in some cities into December, we invite our readers to come along this journey, which highlights the heroes who exist within our community, who provide children and their families with cannabis medicine and guidance.

The cannabis industry is no stranger to setbacks. But we will no longer be defined by the obstacles ahead of us. Instead, we’ll continue to rally together to make sure no person diagnosed with cancer is not given all the resources possible to thrive. Like many of the other documentaries Ricki Lake has been a part of before, Weed the People has the ability to lead to the change we are desperate to see in our world, if for nothing else, for the sake of our children.

As Lake tells CULTURE in our November cover story, “At the end of the day, you look into these kids’ eyes, and you see them going through these treatments in the hospital. You can’t help but get behind these families and stories. That—I hope—will lead to real change in the system.”



Jamie Solis