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Nestled in the hills of Evergreen, Colorado lies the state-of-the-art laboratory unearthing cannabis innovation that will revolutionize the medical and recreational industries. Ebbu LLC is the leading cannabinoid research and development company. The company was founded by Jon Cooper in 2013 based on one simple idea: creating mainstream cannabis.

“It’s funny. I originally did not intend to build a research and development laboratory. I just wanted to create consistent and predictable cannabis products that I would enjoy taking,” explains Ebbu’s Founder and CEO, Jon Cooper. “However, to create consistent and predictable cannabis products, we quickly realized that we needed to invest our time and resources in creating a world class science department. We needed technology that didn’t exist yet.”

“Historically, research on the compounds in cannabis and their effects on consumers has been tremendously difficult because of the drug laws,” explains Ebbu’s Chief Scientist Dr. Brian Reid. “There was almost no quantifiable data that we could use. We needed to start at ground zero.

Over the last few years, Ebbu has poured most of its resources into building a pharmacology department, including a drug discovery laboratory, a human studies team, and a cutting-edge genetics department. Ebbu’s current research and development team of eleven (scientists) includes four PhD scientists with exactly the right combination of expertise in drug discovery, endocannabinoid research, molecular biology, chemistry, and genetics.

“Most people in the cannabis industry have been talking about the entourage effect for years. The industries overwhelming statement is that there is no such thing. But we are running studies that quantifiably demonstrate exactly what the entourage effect is, and how it works,” stated Dr. Reid.

In fact, Ebbu has already developed thousands of new formulations that provide particular “feelings” or sensations that were previously unavailable. Many of those formulations are ready for commercial production. However, you can’t buy these products on the shelf quite yet.

“We have, for example, formulated an incredible chill/relax product. We had originally planned to launch this product under the Ebbu brand. However, we started getting approached by dozens and dozens of other brands who need chill and all the other sensations that we have created. So, we decided to take an “Intel Inside” approach. You will be seeing these formulations hitting the market in many different brands sometime in 2018,” explained Cooper.

Besides the “Feelings”, Ebbu’s pharma team has developed some promising prototype formulations which promise to help individuals with anxiety, pain, and sleep. “Through all the data we have been collecting in our studies, we have uncovered many different medical opportunities. We truly believe our formulations will significantly improve the lives of the general public,” stated Dr. Jon Martin, the head of Ebbu’s Psychopharmacology team.

In addition to developing a library of first-in-kind formulations, Ebbu has also positioned itself as the leader in cannabis genetics and agriculture. Ebbu’s Chief geneticist, Rob Roscow explains, “Almost all feelings or relief formulations cannot be made by simple mixtures of THC and CBD. You need access to cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, CBDV, etc.” We have already shown that we can increase CBG output in a plant by about 10x and strongly believe we are only a few months away from developing plants that exclusively produce CBG. With our proven results, we should be able to duplicate these results commercially with many other cannabinoids over next year.”

“A breakthrough moment for the company is when we realized that we were a cannabinoid company, not a cannabis company. This new point of view allowed us to really step out of the box and re-image the entire industry,” explained Cooper. “A lot of our technology will be starting to hit the market over the next 12 months. It is going to be a very exciting year.”

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