Dream Queen Flower Available at: Caliva in San Jose.

The Dream Queen Flower offered by Caliva in San Jose is certainly a unique offering in terms of both aroma and flavor and should definitely be sampled by any patient looking for an “out of the ordinary” strain. The scent of a field of freshly blossomed flowers dances elegantly with the briny and sour scents reminiscent of the seaside. Lovers of both indicas and sativas will truly be fond of this flower as the best of both worlds are present—the ideal mild body sedation matched with brilliant bursts of creativity. The deep and varied shades of green are as breathtaking as the rainforest canopy in springtime, and the orange vine-like hairs are sprawling out of the dense, jungle-like calyxes. As evidenced by the Dream Queen, Caliva takes pride in its Coastal Grown Cannabis and loves to show the rest of California it is a trusted way to go!

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