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Dosage Amounts for Cannabis Proposed by Researchers




A team of researchers proposed a dosage standard for cannabis so that consumers know how much medicine they should be taking for best medical and recreational results.

According to an article by The Guardian, researchers from the Addiction and Mental Health Group at the University of Bath, King’s College London, England and Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, Australia seek to add standard health units to legal cannabis doses worldwide.

Some believe that cannabis isn’t stronger than it was decades ago, but according to a research study In 2018, it was discovered that THC content in cannabis may have doubled in potency over the past decade. New information published in the Addiction Journal suggests that 5mg should be the standard dose.

The team of the most recent study reports that the standard dosing unit could easily be listed in legal countries and stated on products that contain THC. Much like suggested serving size for food, a suggested THC content consumption amount could be listed.  “Our findings add to a growing body of evidence that suggests the health effects of cannabis are dose-related,” said the author of another study from the journal of Psychological Medicine, Sam Croft from King’s College London. “These risks, though, might be modifiable, and we believe that the introduction of a unit system would help both users and healthcare professionals by providing clearer information on the types of cannabis products they consume and their strength.”

As cannabis legalization spreads, more studies are coming out with information that was previously unavailable. Now there is more specific information on how cannabis impacts pregnancy or how cannabis can affect major disorders like chronic pain. Having a specific dosage rating for cannabis will help regulate it even further and lead toward a legitimate future.