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Letter from the Editor

Cooking Up a Community




Cooking is an activity that demonstrates a person’s culture, their taste and their heritage. It’s a form of nonverbal communication in which love, nutrition and art intersect. Food is often the focal point of life’s biggest celebrations and most valued traditions. Overall, preparing dishes and treats for others to enjoy is a way to speak to the heart, from the heart.

Like food, cannabis brings people together from all walks of life. And the combination of food and cannabis only further solidifies the passion and love for a plant with properties that know no bounds. This is why every year, we here at CULTURE enthusiastically pay tribute to cannabis-infused food with our annual Edibles Issue.

October is arguably one of the best months of the year, because it is when we focus solely on the many important roles that edible cannabis holds within our community. On one hand, there are a large variety of leading and delicious edible cannabis products, and in this issue, we highlight why edibles have been a unique choice for the medical community for so many decades.

On the other hand, the recreational consumption of edible cannabis is continually fine-tuned and perfected, as trained chefs from across the country experiment and create, constantly pushing the envelope to infuse cannabis into their high-end dinners and cooking classes. Gone are the days of cannabis simply being ground and thrown into recipes?CULTURE connected with six cannabis chefs who are far from amateurs, as they pair complementary strains, choose the perfect terpenes and stay mindful of responsible dosing when creating their cannabis-infused dishes and flavors. CULTURE also linked up with famed Canadian chef, author and VICELAND extraordinaire Matty Matheson, who reveals his most cherished dishes and the inspiration behind them in his brand new cookbook, just before recreational cannabis sales launch in Canada on Oct. 17.

Although cannabis chefs are on the rise, we don’t always leave all the fun to the professionals. After all, cooking with cannabis is a growing trend, even for home cooks whose culinary acumen might not be up to par to make it in the professional world. Luckily for home cooks, the latest era of cannabis-centric cookbooks have budding chefs covered, as we recap the top contenders published within the past year.

Join us in kicking off one of the most mouthwatering issues CULTURE has to offer, year after year. Our community is described as a whole lot of things, and this month, we’re proud to say that it is absolutely delicious.



Jamie Solis