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Do you remember when the country’s first recreational cannabis sales began in Colorado in January 2014? As a Californian, I remember feeling envious and a little frustrated. While a win for cannabis anywhere is a win for us all, deep down, there was a wave of disappointment that crept up inside of me. And although the feeling subsided almost as quickly as it came, it was hard to believe that California had yet to allow adult-use of cannabis. We set the precedent as the first state to legalize medical cannabis—where had we gone wrong?

Now, four years later, our state has finally caught up with several others, as the licensing process for our state-approved recreational cannabis businesses has officially begun. It was a monumental milestone in November 2016, when voters decided to finally permit adult-use in the state. And since then, CULTURE has participated and reported on every step of the journey toward implementing this new legislation into reality. Although there is still time before we see dispensaries popping up in every city that has chosen to allow recreational cannabis sales, this month is still a very exciting time for our community.

California is consistently ranked as one of the world’s largest economies. Not only are we responsible for growing much of the nation’s agricultural goods, but we also come with the very significant super power that is Silicon Valley. From there, add in that our notoriously liberal state is home to the oldest medical cannabis program in the nation, and we look forward to creating the nation’s largest legalized cannabis marketplace that the entire world will be watching.

For many adults, legalized recreational cannabis was beyond their wildest dreams growing up. Now, they can now walk into a cannabis store and buy whatever their hearts desire.

At CULTURE, we are excited to witness and partake in the recreational cannabis industry that is just beginning in our great state. We started this publication in California, and today we dedicate three separate editions of our magazine to markets here. We can’t express the gratitude we feel to be a part of this significant moment in our state’s history.

While there is much to be celebrated with the start of recreational cannabis licensing, this issue of CULTURE pays homage to cannabis as not only a recreational substance, but as a wellness tool. After all, this great plant has a long history of promoting and providing a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle for those of us who choose to incorporate it into their daily lives. Congratulations to The Golden State for making it easier for adults to explore how much cannabis can add to a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. Here’s to a year brimming with wellness and growth.

January gives us hope of a new beginning; it marks our chance to wipe the slate clean and move forward. For those looking to improve their overall health and wellness this year, there is good news for you—cannabis can help. So, with all the miraculous benefits cannabis provides, we’ve decided to focus this issue of CULTURE to cannabis, health and wellness.


Jamie Solis


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