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Concentrate of the Week: Walter White Shatter




Last Friday, a movie called El Camino came out on Netflix. For those not in the know, it’s a film based on the events of the hit TV show Breaking Bad (which ended back in 2013). Six years later, fans of the show finally get an inside look at a specific portion of time that focuses on what Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) is up to after the show’s conclusion. Breaking Bad was massively popular in its time, and El Camino is following suit by adding a little plot flavor to the show’s finale. There’s no better time to bust out good ol’ Walter White—especially when there’s a very nice shatter on the market too.

Walter White Shatter came to CULTURE reviewers long after Breaking Bad ended, but it didn’t stop them from enjoying this delightful concentrate. This creation hails from an extraction team in Denver, Colorado. The strain that this product was created from was allegedly grown in a secret, underground bunker (or rather, a clever nod to some events that occur in the show). The strain itself was dark, rich green in color, with burnt red hairs and the obvious scent of Kush lineage. Walter White Shatter is rather a beautifully dark amber color, that has a pleasant sweetness when inhaled.

This hybrid’s indica-dominant properties are often highly sought after, leading many patients and recreational consumers to a very relaxing and soothing experience. In concentrate form, Walter White Shatter actually provides a slight boost of energy. After that surprising effect, it begins to mellow out. Creativity and mood elevation are common with this product, which offers a thoughtful, cerebral effect that creeps into the consumer’s lower limbs. Once the effects have taken place, reviewers found themselves settled down for a night of re-watching Breaking Bad again.