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Concentrate of the Week: Super Goji Haze




The world is full of wondrous plant materials, many of which contain unique properties to help treat a variety of medical conditions. There are countless medicinal herbs that have been used in practice for centuries.

Edible fruits, aka “super fruits” (think acai berries, dragon fruit, pomegranates) are also highly praised for the same reason. However, if we’re talking about fruits you don’t see every day, then the goji berry can be added to this list as well. Full of fiber, various vitamins and antioxidants, it’s the perfect little fruit to aid in boosting your immune system or helping with weight loss, among other benefits. Of course, we would be remiss without mentioning how cannabis is one of the world’s most beneficial plants out there! Paired with the reputation of the goji berry, it’s not hard to see why a concentrate like Super Goji Haze is so popular.

CULTURE reviewers described this concentrate as the kind of product that you can get lost in (in a good way). In strain form, this product is said to have stemmed from Super Lemon Haze and Goji OG. Super Lemon Haze is a delightfully fresh sativa-dominant strain that smells sweet and citrusy. Goji OG on the other hand was described as an ideal hybrid strain that’s ideal for an active fall day, with flavors of dark cherry and cola. Between citrus and sweet, Super Goji Haze takes an interesting turn.

In concentrate form, Super Goji Haze smells a bit different. It’s a “dab-tastic” sativa wax that underwent an elite extraction process. The result is light-orange, waxy granules that were translucent and smelled like the ghost of past OG and Haze products. This allowed for the concentrate to be versatile when used as a dab, or in pens and bowls, following up with a super-clear taste and fuel-citrus taste. Patients who might consider this concentrate to treat their medical conditions may find that the high percentage of THC in Super Goji Haze can work wonders.

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