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Concentrate of the Week: Great White Shark Rosin




For some people, reality is scarier than any paranormal story. It’s the fear of needles, heights, public speaking, spiders and a host of other very real and very probable things. Among these though includes “thalassophobia,” or fear of the ocean. With this comes fear of the unknown, or what’s underneath that you can’t see. The dangers of the ocean lie more in storms or drowning than with creatures of the deep, but predators are often lumped into people’s fear of deep water—including great white sharks. Annually, there were about 66 cases of unprovoked shark attacks on humans in 2018, but it doesn’t stop people from fearing these aggressive meat eaters. Believe it or not, but cannabis and great white sharks do have at least one thing in common.

Enter Great White Shark Rosin, a beautiful sativa specimen of concentrate  contained a ridiculous amount of terpenes and “beastly” effects, according to CULTURE reviewers. Typically, this hash is created by pressure heating cannabis flower and straining it through a filter. The end result contains no solvents like butane or propane—just a pure form of the concentrate is left. This review sample was a pale yet golden droplet of rosin that beckons to be consumed.

Great White Shark Rosin was outrageously fresh and floral, with a delicious terpene profile of bubble gum and fruit gummies. At room temperature, this world-class hash had consistency of extreme goo. But it’s potency and strength is where it shines. If you don’t need work done in the evening or weekend, this is the ultimate strain to help anyone relax. Great White Shark will make an excellent parent strain to future flowers in the future, especially because it clocks in at an estimated 71 percent THC. It has already been sought out as a strain for those with higher tolerances and patients who suffer from serious medical conditions.