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Concentrate of the Week: Cookies and Cream




Ice cream is one of the best treats ever. It’s such a versatile style of dessert, and one that everyone (even people who are lactose intolerant) enjoy in some form or another. While sherbet tends to be a popular flavor both in desserts and in the cannabis industry, there is one other flavor that brings pure joy to all—cookies and cream. It’s the quintessentially summertime flavor; less bland than plain vanilla, but less rich than chocolate. The pure delight that is experienced by tasting cookies and cream ice cream is amplified tenfold when we’re talking about something like a Cookies and Cream Shatter.

Two mega-popular strains, OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies, make up the properties contained in Cookies and Cream Shatter. Few combinations could bring such potency and happiness! Nothing is as classic as an OG Kush strain, which usually offers unique sativa properties. Girl Scout Cookies is also an equally favored hybrid that brings on euphoria and makes consumers “totally blissed out” according to CULTURE reviewers. Brought together, they create Cookies and Cream, which was then painstakingly crafted via propane hash oil extraction and thus a sweet new shatter was born.

Cookies and Cream Shatter is an extremely brittle yet solid slab of shatter, which contained beautiful see-through gold pieces. Fortunately, brittleness is often a quality that is sought after by well-seasoned dabbers. The hash vapes with an ephemeral note of sweet kush, which strengthens the indica-hybrid effects that relax the body and send a tingling sensation down your spine as it begins to do it’s stuff. Many patients have used Cookies and Cream Shatter to treat numerous medical conditions, but especially those looking for a new way to loosen up and unwind after a stressful day. These feelings are not unlike that of eating a well-deserved dessert at the end of a day.