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Your Go-To Guide for Geek Themed Cannabis




comic-conComic-Con officially kicks off tomorrow in San Diego, California, and with it comes all the wonderful geekiness that one would expect from the largest collective gathering of fanatics on the planet. It also brings a lot of anxiety and nervousness considering the large crowds, long lines, and pressure to get that exclusive collectible you’ve been eying since it was announced months ago—I’m looking at you Funko Han Solo with Bowcaster. But never fear, here is a list of cannabis strains to help you with whatever ails you, named after all the great things we celebrate this weekend.

W Vapes Skywalker

Much like Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back, some people would give their right hand for this great hybrid blend. And while you can’t have a lightsaber, you can have this sleek vape pen from W Vapes. The indica-dominant hybrid smells strong and heavenly, and the casing it is housed in has a nice weight to it, making it feel sturdier than other vape pens on the market. The effect was cerebral and heady, but kept us calm and content all night, with some minor energy and a strong couch-lock effect.

Dark Knight

Named after the Caped Crusader, this strain could have saved Batman a lot of time. He could have used this strain on the Joker or any number of his rogues’ gallery to end their villainous ways before they started. This strain produces a tranquil energetic meditative state that for some will be focused and others more dream-like; expect a body stimulation that is both relaxing and gently inspiring.

doctor whoDoctor Who

Regardless of whether or not you agree on who the best doctor is, even though we all know it’s the 11th doctor, we can all benefit from the this strain which will give you a true appreciation for the Time Lord. Doctor Who has a mild, herbaceous smell, and the nugs are both dense and stretched, with a beautiful flowing look that mixes purple, green and orange with a very high trichome count. Doctor Who leaves you in a time and relative dimension in space. Just be on the lookout for Daleks.

Captain Kirk

James Tiberius Kirk is the brash and daring captain of the Starship Enterprise, so any strain named after the greatest captain the Enterprise has ever known needs to be equally as bold. The strain tests at 22.29 percent THC—newbies should use with caution. The smoke is smooth, the taste subtle. It will make your head buzzed and body relaxed right away.

Bruce Banner

The mild mannered alter-ego of the Hulk, Bruce Banner, is a swirl of emotions and rage. One can only imagine that if he had partaken in some of his namesake cannabis he wouldn’t have turned into a raging green beast . . . as often. The nugs are beautiful, with knobs of green spiraling around a stem that goes out in many directions. It is covered in white crystals, and the nugs look like tiny corn husks with orange hairs hanging off the end. The grind has a red wine smell and produces a very intense smoke. The result is a good balanced effect that anyone would enjoy. A great strain for insomniacs or those looking to treat anxiety

Wookies-CookiesWookie Cookies

Wookies are as loyal as they are strong, and due to their tribal nature there is no doubt that they experienced the Kashyyyk (their home world) version of cannabis on a regular basis. This strain is great for TV time and also good for snacking. The smoke has a citrusy vanilla scent and sends an even deeper vanilla flavor to the back of your throat.

Gold Coast Whitewalker OG Butter

The Whitewalkers from Game of Thrones are the scariest things in Westeros, aside from becoming too attached to a character in the series. Gold Coast took some extremely high-potency Whitewalker OG flowers—an indica phenotype of SFV OG that manages to be even more resinous—and must have done a nug run for only the finest, fresh trichomes, and then purged it perfectly. The OG terpenes knocked us down to the ground. The Butter dabbed out perfectly, and the ensuing vapor was like dabbing the essence of the OG bud—an apocalypse of flavorful and expert-only levels of THC.

Joker Nug Run

The Joker is the famed maniacal arch-nemesis of Batman who uses a mix of humor and blunt force trauma to eliminate his enemies. Like its namesake, the Joker Nug Run is a stick dynamite. It is lab tested 79.2 percent THC concentration, so dynamite might be too gentle a term to describe its power. As you unwrap the Joker shatter, a light sweet citrus aroma drifts upward. The hit is clean and mildly expansive making it easy on the lungs and a pleasure to inhale.

FZombie-joints2Zombie Joints

Fans of The Walking Dead know that you should always stay clear of zombies, or walkers as they call them on the show, but they may want to make an exception with these. For added potency, each Zombie Joint is infused with hash. Our samples were not pin joints, but a generous serving that smoked smoothly and burned cleanly—no runs in the paper like lower quality pre-rolls. Each Zombie Joint comes in a durable plastic cylinder so it won’t get crushed in your pocket or purse and can be re-used. Select the Zombie Joint strain that works best for you and then let the Zombie Joint work for you.

Death Star

The Death Star is the ultimate power in the universe, with the ability to destroy a planet with one blast of its super laser. So any strain named after such a technological terror must be good. The slightly sweet, skunky, jet-fuel aroma and mimicking flavor open your senses to a galaxy of exploration as the immediate head effect takes hold. Battle the galaxy from a throne fit for an emperor, as the back end of the head and body effect creeps up packing an aftershock, sure to leave you locked and loaded.

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