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Charlie Sheen Launches Line of Cannabis Vape Products




Actor Charlie Sheen announced his new line of cannabis-infused vape products aptly named Sheenius. In a video interview with DailyMailTV, the 53-year-old walked through his business plan with a theatrical twist. Sheen has been developing the idea for Sheenius for at least a year.

As recently as December 2018, Sheen announced that he’s hit the one-year milestone in his path to sobriety from drugs and alcohol. Sheen admitted that he doesn’t use the products himself, as he’s still on his path to sobriety. But recently, Sheen and his associates noticed rogue strains like Charlie Sheen or Charlie Sheen OG popping up everywhere. “They said, you know, we see your name so ingrained in the marijuana industry. And it’s all bootlegged essentially, I’ve never made a nickel off of it. That didn’t seem fair,” he told DailyMailTV.

The vape pen flavors will include, shall we say, quirky names such as Milli’s Vanili, MaliBlu Dream, The Legend, Grandma’s Perfume and Clown Mace. In the video, Sheen wears a lab coat as he explores pH Solutions in Monrovia, California with Laboratory Director Raquel Keledjian.

In the video, at one point, a man dressed as a clown appears to promote the Clown Mace flavor vape products. “Clown Mace is pretty good, because what clown shouldn’t be maced?” he said. “One of our favorites is Grandma’s Perfume. Sometimes it’s more about how words sound together, and then you start creating images, visuals behind the feelings those words create. We just wanted it to feel inviting and to generate curiosity—like what is a vape strain called ‘Mama Said No?’”

Sheen’s extensive career in Hollywood is overshadowed by bouts of controversy—including allegations of sexual assault and his 2015 announcement of his diagnosis of HIV. Despite a growing body of evidence to support the idea that cannabinoids may slow the progression of HIV, most particularly tetrahydrocannabinol, Sheen doesn’t turn to cannabis for medical reasons.

The products become available April 2 in about 20 dispensaries and prices range between $60 and $70.